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CRA envisions the time when consumers choose rental first as a solution to their needs.

Améliorer le développement du personnel et la croissance de l’entreprise par des moyens favorisant la promotion, l’appui et la protection du marché de la location de matériel au Canada.

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Our Members Say It Best!

“I can’t express how many perks there are to being a part of this rental association.  They offer so much insight and assistance in your business to ensure you’re taking the right steps to be successful.  From conference meetings providing workshops of various topics, to getting the Young Professionals more involved, their support system is so great they really make it known that they have your back.  They even make an appearance at your establishment to show their support! They make the time to reach out and ask various questions to ensure they’re providing the best service possible to you.  Being a part of the rental association brings so many ideas I’m constantly inspired in my business because of them.”

Alexis E., First Stop Rentals