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Donate to the Red Cross Alberta to Assist Flood Victims


The recent floods in Southern Alberta have caused wide spread devastation to many of the members of the Canadian Rental Association.  Not only did the flood waters damage homes and businesses, it also has also pressed our membership into much longer hours of operations.

Pumps, generators, heaters, dehumidification, skidsteers, excavators, porta potties, fans and cleaning equipment are still in great demand as people try and rebuild their lives.

The Rental Industry is playing a crucial role in helping the community.

As president of the Alberta Local , I’m proud to see how our industry has reacted to the disaster even when some of their own homes were underwater.

In our company alone we have four employees who were evacuated and two who have probably lost most of their material possessions.

Marc Mandin of 4-Way Equipment Rentals has put out a challenge to all rental houses and associate members to donate to the Red Cross Alberta (see link).

He has started the challenge with a $1000 donation and has been matched by The Cat Rental Store.

The CRA – Alberta Chapter will also be donating and the ARA is willing to match.

We would like to extend this donation challenge out to all CRA rental and associate members.


You can donate directly at the above link.

Please send me an email at  if you have donated so I can track the generosity of our association.


Thank you all in advance.


Jim Boddez

Director of Sales & Operations

The Cat Rental Store