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Compare yourself and boost your profits with the new 2015 Cost of Doing Business Report


If you want to know how your business is really doing and learn ways to become more profitable, turn to the brand-new 2015 Cost of Doing Business Report — the financial benchmarking guide for the rental industry. 

This report, available in the standard print version and premium interactive online version, offers you:

  • Key ratios and benchmarking data to assess and improve your business’s profitability, productivity, financial position and cash flow.
  • A “Business Improvement Plans and Ratio Definitions” section that outlines the steps you can take and the ratios that pertain to that area to strengthen your business.

The online version allows you to compare yourself against three different category groups at one time, create your own reports and graphs, and customize the data how you want it — even pulling it into an Excel® spreadsheet for further analysis offline — all with 24/7 access.

Order your report now.

The cost is $350 for Canadian and American Rental Association members, $650 for nonmembers. CRA/ARA members who participated in the survey will receive a report for free, along with their individual Company Performance Report and report card.

For more information or to order, call ARA Member Services at 800-334-2177 or go to the “ARA Store” section of