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CRA Award of Merit and Honour Roll


CRA Award of Merit

Since the inception of the Canadian Rental Association as the RAC in 1966, there have been many individuals who, through their unheralded service and dedication have grown the Canadian rental industry into the vibrant entity it is today.  In 2015 the Canadian Rental Association is creating its own, unique lifetime achievement award to recognize the vison of our leaders, past and present who have made, or are making significant contributions to the development and advancement of the rental industry across our country. 

Eligibility for Nomination 
To be recognized as a recipient of the Award of Merit an individual must be nominated by one of their peers within the rental industry for their significant contributions which have helped change the Canadian rental industry in a positive manner.  Candidates may include consultants, speakers, publishers, owners of rental businesses or rental equipment businesses currently employed or retired, or employees of related affiliates either living or deceased who impacted the equipment rental industry. The members of the CRA Award of Merit Advisory Committee and the CRA Board of Directors during the year of nomination and induction are ineligible. 

Selection Criteria
Candidates will be reviewed and assessed for entry based on the information included in the nomination form submitted to the selection committee. The more complete the information, the greater assistance provided to the committee for evaluation of the potential candidate. 

Nomination Process 
Nominations of qualified individuals will be reviewed and rated by the CRA Award of Merit Advisory Committee, which is led by the CRA Chairman of the board. Committee members are appointed by the CRA Chairman and may include representatives from past national board directors and/or long serving regular or associate members. 

Nominate an individual: Candidates will be reviewed based on the information presented on the nomination form. The more complete the nomination form is, the easier it will be for the committee to recognize the individual's accomplishments and contributions. 

Special consideration may also be given to a nominee's lifelong accomplishments, contributions to more than one area of the industry and the overall benefit of his or her contribution to their community. There is no requirement for a minimum length of time the nominee has worked in/contributed to the industry, and nominations can be made posthumously. Individuals previously nominated must be re-nominated to be considered for induction during a following calendar year, and individuals cannot nominate themselves.

Nominations are reviewed and screened to ensure they meet the nomination criteria and eligibility prior to being recommended for selection by the CRA Award of Merit Advisory Committee.  New inductees will be recognized annually during a presentation ceremony at the AGM of the Canadian Rental Association, normally held during the American Rental Association’s The Rental Show held annually to promote the rental industry world wide.

Download a Nomination Form

Nominations are accepted year-round, but must be received by Sept. 30, 2015, to be considered for induction at the 2016 AGM during The Rental Show which will be Feb. 21-24, 2016 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

CRA Roll of Honour

As only a few individuals ever achieve the level of distinction granted for lifetime achievement , the CRA Order of Merit, the Canadian Rental Association would also like to provide a forum in which we can recognize the valued contributions of the many ‘’unsung heroes’’ who have helped grow our industry through their volunteer contributions on a regular basis. Many individuals do get recognized from time to time with the various awards currently in place at the local level but many more go unrecognized completely. 

To help remedy this anonymity the CRA Board of Directors would like to provide a Roll of Honor which will include the names of all validated nominees and recognize forever these individual who have helped grow our industry. Their names will be included in the copy of the honor roll which will reside at head office and be replicated online on our website so all existing and future members of the Canadian Rental Association will be aware of their contributions to the growth and development of the Canadian rental industry. 

In order to nominate an individual for inclusion on the CRA’s Roll of Honor please complete a nomination form in full for the CRA Roll of Honor and have it signed by at least 3 members in good standing with the CRA at the time of submission. Any commentaries about the reasons the group of nominees or additional members have for including this individual on the CRA Honor Roll will be most welcome. 

Final approval for nominees to be included on the Roll of Honor will be made by the current serving CRA National Board Executive committee which includes the Chairman of the Board, President, Vice President, Region 10 Director and the Managing Director. 

Download a Nomination Form