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Top 10 Reasons to Rent Equipment For Your Party or Special Event


Whether it’s a birthday party, family reunion picnic or wedding, planning a special event is not always an easy or affordable task. Ensuring your celebration becomes a truly special occasion requires a lot of time, effort and – quite often – a financial burden. “There are so many benefits to renting for your event or wedding,” says Jill Holtsman, partner at Hub City Display in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. “Renting can alleviate some of the stress involved with setup and installation of equipment, provides access to professionals if you have any questions or concerns, and is more cost effective than actually purchasing your supplies,” added Angie Venekamp, Manager at the Rental Network in Squamish, British Columbia. Both Holtsman and Venekamp are members of the Canadian Rental Association (CRA). As part of the Canadian Rental Association’s (CRA) National Rental Awareness Month, taking place throughout the month of May, Venekamp and Holtsman have put together a list of ten reasons why renting equipment is more beneficial than buying. They are: 1. Stay current: Top rental companies keep up with the latest trends and offer you choices to turn your vision into reality. 2. Quality: Rental companies have tried and tested most of the brands in the supply industry and know what you need to get the job done. 3. Affordability: Renting allows you to plan an over the top event at a fraction of the purchase price. 4. Compliance: Professional rental companies will comply with the by-laws in your area. 5. Advice: You’ll receive advice and guidance from industry professionals. 6. Safety: Professional products available for rent are fire-rated and approved by the Canadian Standards Association. 7. Assistance: Rental professionals will safely install all equipment and supplies (including tents and more). 8. Environment: Renting is greener and environmentally friendly in environmentally conscious times. 9. Details: Rental companies will take care of the important details such as delivery, installation, rental return, and equipment safety. 10. Dedication: Look for a rental company associated with the Canadian Rental Association (CRA) to find dedicated rental professionals.

“The current trend toward rustic-themed weddings is an example of how a couple could benefit from renting as these are unique items that may not be available elsewhere,” says Holtsman. “When a bride and Groom are looking to save money oftentimes renting can be a viable and easy alternative to purchasing expensive items that may only be used once,” adds Venekamp. As part of National Rental Awareness Month, the CRA is offering a series of FREE how-to video tips on home renovation, spring cleanup, landscaping and more. CRA members across Canada are hosting open houses and events as part of National Rental Awareness Month. To learn more about these events, access the free video tips, or to learn more about the benefits of renting, please visit About the CRA Launched in 1965, the Canadian Rental Association focuses on promoting the success of its members and furthering the growth of the industry. The CRA and American Rental Association serve a network of 7,500 rental businesses in 40 countries around the world. The CRA’s core values include developing leadership through volunteerism and self- initiative and embracing change and continued improvement. For more information, go to Follow the CRA on Twitter @CanadianRental or on Facebook Media Contact: Chris Dabrowski, High Impact PR E-mail: Phone: 1-888-863-7912