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Peter Webster, CERP, president of McLean Sherwood Event Rental in Brampton, Ontario, and Brett Armstrong, president of Double R Rentals (1998) in Delta, British Columbia, have very different rental operations. Yet both rely on the Cost of Doing Business Survey to learn how to grow their businesses and boost their success.  

“We’ve been participating in the Cost of Doing Business Survey for a long time. We noticed that we fell short on the occupancy costs as a percentage of revenue. We have now subleased part of our building. We wouldn’t have known we were off if we didn’t participate in the survey,” says Webster, president of McLean Sherwood Event Rental.

“It’s a good way to make sure everything is in line. It can point out small spots where you can trim some fat and make the business more profitable. Plus, it’s nice to see how you stack up against other rental stores your size as far as wages, productivity, etc.,” Armstrong says.

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