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Contractors Benefit From Renting Specialized Equipment, Tools


As part of the Canadian Rental Association’s National Rental Awareness Month taking place in May, the CRA is reminding contractors of the benefits of renting specialized equipment compared to buying it. “The general population is increasing every year. This has made the demand for general construction equipment rise as well,” said Tim Ranson, Health and Safety Manager of the CAT Rental Store in Edmonton, Alta. Tim has more than 25 years in the rental and equipment industry. “There is a constant flow of new work that needs to be done, such as building hospitals, hydro lines, highways and even schools. For the contractors doing that work, renting guarantees that the equipment necessary to complete these tasks is both state of the art and safe.” Renting also helps offset the cost of big jobs that require lots of equipment or smaller jobs that need specialized tools. Using rental specialists to plan a job ensures efficiency with the rental term, and that the correct equipment is provided when required. Renting helps manage the large investment necessary to capitalize a company owned fleet. “Renting provides a significant profit opportunity for a contractor, large or small,” said Ranson. “It removes the capital investment from a depreciating asset line to an as-needed rental. When you take a new car off the lot, it instantly depreciates in value. Heavy equipment is the exact same situation,” he added. Fencing, portable washroom facilities, job-site trailers, excavation and compacting equipment, earth moving equipment and more are just some of the pieces of equipment readily available at CRA members’ stores across Canada. The Canadian Rental Association represents hundreds of equipment rental businesses across Canada and promotes the benefits to homeowners and contractors of getting the right tool for the job – by renting it. As part of National Rental Awareness Month, the CRA is offering a series of FREE how-to video tips on home renovation, spring cleanup, landscaping and more. CRA members across Canada are hosting open houses and events as part of National Rental Awareness Month. To learn more about these events, access the free video tips, or to learn more about the benefits of renting, please visit