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The CRA connects you with the people, products, services and information you need to succeed in today’s competitive market. For rental store owners/employees and manufacturers/suppliers of rental equipment, CRA membership is a valuable resource.

The CRA Advantage
By becoming a CRA member, you’ll tap into the expertise of an entire industry. You’ll have an instant connection to thousands of members from across Canada, the United States and around the world who freely share their experience and knowledge. Plus, every CRA program, product, trade show and initiative is completely member-driven. We recognize that we exist to serve our membership, and it shows in every service we offer.

Membership Benefits
When you invest in a CRA membership, you receive:

  • Savings on rental equipment, services and employee training,
  • Referrals from, and Find a Rental Store Member on this site,
  • Support from a group of your rental peers,
  • Educational programs to improve your skill set and those of your employees,
  • Networking opportunities with people who do exactly what you do, and face the same issues.
  • Business resources to help you manage all of the things that contribute to your bottom line — resources typically only available to much larger companies.
  • Public Relations Opportunities thru CRA’s Public Relations Firm, High Impact Public Relations.
  • Scholarship Opportunites for your staff
  • International Rental Business Leadership Program Opportunites
  • The knowledge gained by the CRA Executive thru membership in the Global Rental Alliance 

Industry Outlook
Equipment rental is a $26+ billion U.S. dollar-a-year industry in North America, and recent economic forecasts predict those revenues will increase over the next few years.

Although market forces have been challenging, the industry is positioned for growth. Now is the time to invest in your business and take advantage of the CRA’s resources to sharpen your edge.