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July 2017 Newsletter
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July 2017 Newsletter

Elections in order!

by Nathalie McGregor
While summer is here and you are all very busy, NOW is the TIME to choose your next leaders! In late July, you will be receiving “pre-paid” envelopes to vote for the 2018/19 ARA President as well as your next Region 10 Director. As I often say, this is YOUR Association and therefore it is important that you take the time to vote for YOUR next leader.

This year we are proud to announce that James Morden owner of Rentshop Inc in Alliston, Ontario will be running for the President position.   About James…..James is the proud owner and president of Rentshop in Alliston, Ontario. He is a second-generation rental owner. Rentshop has a single location, employing eight people. The inventory mix is 60 percent construction and 40 percent general tool. The company joined the Association in 1986. For more than a decade, James has not only served at many different levels but has also been recognized and awarded a number of times for his true dedication to CRA/ARA. James has been serving as ARA Region 10 Director since 2015.  Please take the time to support James in his effort to become the 5th Canadian ARA President!

This August you will also have the opportunity to vote for YOUR next Region 10 Director that represents you on the ARA Board of Directors.  The ARA has selected two excellent candidates for this position; Jill Holtsman, CERP, Partner, Hub City Display, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and Kelly Dwyer, Branch Manager, C&T Rentals & Sales, Winnipeg, Manitoba.  We wish both candidates the best of luck!

Now remember, voting means YOUR choice in the next leadership; it's FREE, and takes only a few minutes!

Wishing you all a successful summer and as always, I look forward to seeing you at one of our local events!
Canadian Rental Association
Executive Board

Hank McInnis
Hewitt Rentals
Dartmouth, NS

Tim Ranson
Edmonton, AB

Vice President
Mike Maltby
Ingersoll Rent-All
Ingersoll, ON

Region 10 Director
James Morden
Rentshop Inc.
Alliston, ON

CRA Managing Director
Nathalie McGregor

Regional Directors
Alberta Dave Carkner
Patcher Energy Mgmt

Atlantic Dan Spencer
Hewitt Rentals

BC Steve Provost
United Rentals

Manitoba Kelly Dwyer
C&T Rentals & Sales Ltd

Ontario Colin Wilson
A World of Rentals

Quebec Pierre-Shawn Turcotte
Location Turbo Inc.

Sask Jeremy Andrews
Prairieland Rental & Sales

Associate Directors
East David Bisson
National Hose & Equipment Ltd

West Gary Webb
L.B. White Co.

CRA Insurance
John Gillespie 

Western Financial Group Insurance Solutions
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Book your hotel for The Rental Show 2018 - New Orleans

The Canadian Host Hotel is the Hilton Riverside Hotel!
It’s not too early to book your hotel for The Rental Show® 2018 in New Orleans. There are 23 hotels available. Check out the “Hotels” page at for details for details on all the properties and rates available through onPeak, ARA’s official hotel partner, then book online. The New Orleans Downtown Marriott at the Convention Center will be the headquarters hotel.

The Rental Show returns to the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center with a full day of educational seminars on Sunday, Feb. 18, and the trade show from Monday, Feb. 19, through Wednesday, Feb. 21.

Save the date!!!!
CRA Hospitality Night in a "Jazzy Style"

Sunday, February 18th, 2018
7:00-10:00 pm at the "Generations Hall"

Register for this event when you register for the show at - registration opens in late summer.
Hospitality Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Have you considered sponsoring the 2018 Hospitality Event?
You can help make one of CRA’s most well-attended events a success! 

Event sponsors receive:
Recognition during the event
Space in our national newsletter
Drink tickets, and more!

Platinum & Gold sponsors will be entered into a draw to win
a free booth at one of the CRA Trade Shows

Sponsorship form will be sent out later this summer!

Thank you for helping make this an amazing night!

2017 ARA Leadership Conference

The 2017 ARA Leadership Conference will be held in Chicago, IL on October 19-22.  It will be at the Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport.
The conference will include a Saturday morning session with a speaker who will focus on leadership skills as they pertain to board development and engagement.  The conference will conclude on Sunday at noon.  The Leadership Conference is hosted by the ARA Board of Directors and will include afternoon roundtable discussions with regional directors and networking with all attendees.
Nomination requests for attendees will be requested in July with conference invitations being sent to those selected in August.

A Word from the Prairies

Big Rack Rentals 
by Rae Croteau, Owner

How it all began!
   In the summer of 2015, I approached my father-in-law Allan Olszowka with the idea of starting a rental business.   We both stem from a Pipefitting and oilfield background and were ready for a new challenge. Once the business plan was put in place, we started our first store in Sundre, Alberta on April 1, 2016.  Throughout the Summer we worked on branding and implementing our new business.  In the Fall of 2016, we were already ready to grow our business and therefore purchased Hartley’s Rentals in Old, AB.  This was the perfect fit. As the 2 locations were in close proximity, 35km from each other, it was easy to share the equipment.
Our vision did not stop there, we had in mind to open a rental store in my home town of Bonnyville.  Since both my wife’s and my family originated from there, I felt that it would also make it easier for me to gain the trust of customers since I had either worked for them or grew up with them.
The stability of Big Rack Rentals’ started to show late 2015.  The Old branch has continued to grow ever since so it seemed inevitable that our dream of opening a store in our hometown would come true. In December 2016, we finally purchased a shop and yard in Bonnyville. From there we started purchasing and hiring with the goal opening shop in mid Spring.  The Grand Opening date of Bonnyville Big Rack Rentals was June 23rd!  It was a busy week for Bonnyville as the Oil Show was also taking place. 
Our growth has kept us extremely busy and we proudly continue to build a business that can be relied on 24/7 with the small town family feel.
Managing Director, Nathalie McGregor &
Alberta local President Warren Carriere
visiting Alberta members
 Nathalie McGregor and Warren Carriere, Alberta President visiting One Stop Rentals
During the Alberta golf tournament, Warren Carriere
presented the Doug Mitchell Award to Steve Podolski of Headwind Solutions
Rae Croteau, owner of Big Rack Rentals with Warren Carriere, President of Alberta local
and Nathalie McGregor, Managing Director


Mark’s offers a 10% discount to CRA Members. Contact Tara
at 1-844-643-2333 or to request discount cards for your staff!
Health & Safety Corner
From your Safety Committee

Tips and Advice
from 150 Ways to Make Money in Rental

Equipment Delivery and Return

Implement a varied equipment delivery system.
To avoid trying to manage 15 deliveries — all due by 7 a.m. — look at offsetting even 25 percent of those deliveries by just an hour to see an increase in on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction. The
first option is to incentivize your customers to select times that are reasonable, but not during your peak hours. Perhaps offer a discount on the delivery fee for this transaction or their next, or a free sales item (safety vest, hard hat, etc.). By allowing the customer the option to be more flexible (within two hours of their original selected time) with something in return, you create an agreement from which both parties benefit.

Rethink your transportation fee.
Base it on a combination of travel distance and type of vehicle instead of a flat fee. Create rates based on a “per-mile/kilometre” unit of measure, making sure you have special rates for vehicles with higher cost of ownership.
Make your standard (lowest price) delivery fee on at least a 6- or 8-hour window for both delivery and pickup; charge additional for specific or tight time parameters.
This will make scheduling much easier and allow for maximum utilization of vehicles as well. Make sure your driver calls the customer when roughly 30 minutes away.

Do pre- and post-inspections of equipment.
You can use a generic form with dated signatures from your employee and customer. Walk completely around the equipment.
Also, check-in, fuel, wash and completely service rental equipment immediately upon return. Delaying this simple step can result in discovering damages too late to show them to and charge the customer, if appropriate.
If you go the picture route, use iPads or smartphones to take photos or video so you can get a 360-degree view. The picture should be time-stamped so it can be matched to the rental during which the damage occurred.

An effective way to inspect your equipment, streamline maintenance and ensure accountability is to use CRA’s R2GO Tags
They are offered in both three and four colours, in weather-resistant material and come with ties. To purchase, go to and click Shop
Call before you pick up.
Call the customer prior to picking up equipment and ask if they would like to extend the rental before you dispatch the truck for pickup. Often, a customer is more likely to extend a rental if a truck is not already on site.

Transport three-piece cocktail tables with ease.
Use sandbags. All three pieces fit into one bag. The bags keep the pieces clean and prevent any pieces from getting lost. The bags hold up well through several seasons.

Accurately determine tire/ track wear.
Use a tire depth gauge to determine customer tire and track wear as well as take photos of the tires and tracks. A customer can wear off a set of skid-steer tires on asphalt during a one-week rental. Make the customer aware of the extra charges that could apply.

Paint key parts of your equipment to see whether equipment was used.
Sometimes customers will say the equipment isn’t working properly. To keep everyone honest, try the following:
When renting zero-turn mowers, apply a small amount of paint to the mower blades to verify whether the customer mowed with the equipment. You can tell the use of the mower by inspecting the amount of paint on the blades.
Paint the work end of all of your hammer drill and jackhammer bits. When the bits come back paintless, there is no doubt as to whether the customer used them. You can charge for the use of several bits taken on each rental instead of having an argument when they are returned.
The same is true for diamond blades and diamond blocks. Paint them a unique color after each rental. When these are rented again and returned, you will know if they have been used if you see that some or all of the paint is off. This helps eliminate disputes and ensures your business is paid for what is used.
Also spray-paint the bottom half of your earth augers and concrete drills every time they return from rental. This will help counter a customer who says the equipment didn’t work.

Check equipment.
For large equipment rentals, make sure your rental contract has a line item that notes the hour meter. For helium tank rentals, also note on the contract the helium tank gauge so your customer is aware of that information before leaving your store.

Mark your chairs.
Run a marker line down the inside legs of chairs so you know they are yours. This saves time during pickup, especially if you subrent your chairs to another rental operation. Also coordinate the colour with the year you purchased the chair. By doing this, it is easier to identify when you need to update your chair inventory.
Make transporting your equipment easier.
Get a cart that stacks — on which you can store and deliver staging and chairs and tables — and then just push on a truck and deliver. The time saved loading 40-plus tables and unloading, coupled with the product being more protected, could equal a lot of money saved.
You also can modify your standard dolly to hold more chairs:
  • Use a piece of metal, one 2 inches by 4 inches, and Velcro to enable a dolly to hold 16 Chiavari chairs.
  • Use a taller piece of 2-inch by 4-inch wood with the same dolly for your wood folding chairs, making it possible to stack the chairs taller than the dolly itself. You can hold up to 37 chairs on one dolly.

Summer Safety Tips

Follow These Important Tips Before Setting Up For Your Summer Event
By: Patrick Falzon, Powerline Safety Specialist, Electrical Safety Authority
The warm weather has arrived, and with it another busy event season. Whether you’re powering a podium for speeches and music, setting up a large event tent, plugging in twinkle lights or using portable heaters after the sun sets, there are important electrical safety tips you need to follow to help keep you and guests safe from electrical hazards.
The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) reminds everyone to consider electrical safety when setting up tents and equipment for outdoor events.
The reality is that electricity can be dangerous if not handled properly. In 2013, five individuals were erecting a tent pole for an event and received serious electric shocks when the pole made contact with an overhead powerline. Tragically, one of the crew members died and three suffered critical injuries.
Help make sure your outdoor event is free from electrical harm. Follow these important tips:
  • Never install a tent or other equipment directly under powerlines. The tent should be installed a minimum of 4.8 m horizontally away from powerlines.
  • When using high reach equipment like ladders or boom trucks to unload equipment or erect tent support poles, always maintain the safe Limits of Approach from overhead powerlines. These limits are identified in the Ontario Regulation 213/91 Construction Projects of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
  • Call before you dig! If digging or installing tent stakes, Contact Ontario One Call to locate all utility-owned underground infrastructure including natural gas, communications and powerlines, as well as water and wastewater pipes. You’ll need to hire a locating company for any privately-owned underground infrastructure.
Portable generators
  • Size matters when it comes to portable generators – choose one that meets the needs of the equipment you want to power up.
  • An ESA inspection is not required for the type of generators that allow you to plug electrical equipment directly into outlets located on the generator.
  • But generators larger than 12 kilowatts or 240 volts do require an electrical permit and ESA inspection. Call 1-877-ESA-SAFE (372-7233) at least a week in advance of your event.

Extension cords

  • Choose the right extension cord– if using outdoor, use three-prong (grounded) cords rated for outdoor use, and ensure the power rating is appropriate for the job.
  • Plug in safely – plug your extension cords into an outlet that’s protected by a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) to prevent shocks. You can buy portable GFCI-protected outdoor power bars at most home improvement retailers.
  • Don’t coil the cords – coiled extension cords can become very hot and potentially cause a fire.
  • Remember to secure cords to the ground to prevent tripping hazards or damage to the cord.
  • Look for the product certification mark on extension cords to make sure they’ve been safety tested and approved for use in Ontario.
For more electrical safety tips to help you stay safe at your next outdoor event, visit

Young Professionals Network

The American Rental Association’s (ARA) Young Professionals Network (YPN) is a free membership benefit for those between the ages of 18 and 40 in the equipment rental industry. It is aimed to help young professionals learn more about the industry, advance their careers, and establish relationships that will help them personally and professionally while ensuring the industry’s success in the future.

Benefits of joining the ARA Young Professionals Network include invitations to exclusive YPN events such as the annual reception at The Rental Show® and the “40 under 40” networking conferences, access to the online directory listing all YPN members and their contact information, details on seminars at The Rental Show that are geared toward young professionals, and a free subscription to Rental Management.

Membership is free thanks to the ARA Foundation. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 40 and affiliated with an ARA-member rental operation is eligible to join. Visit to join today.

This year’s YPN Conference will be held on November 8 & 9 in Alexandria, Virginia at The Alexandrian Hotel. More information will be available in late summer. 

Upcoming Events

Keep up to date with what's going on at CRA by periodically checking our events calendar at 

CRA Quebec
Annual Golf Tournament
Wednesday August 16 
Club de Golf le Portage Inc. Vieux-Montreal, QC
1020 Chemin du Golf, L'Assomption, QC J5W 1K3

CRA Atlantic
Annual Golf Tournament
Sunday August 20 
Indian Lake Golf Course
199 Old Coach Rd, Hatchet Lake, NS B3T 1P6 

 CRA Manitoba
Annual Golf Tournament
Thursday August 24   
Southwood Golf & Country Club
80 Rue des Ruines du Monastere, Winnipeg, MB 

CRA British Columbia
Annual Golf Tournament
Friday September 15
The Redwoods Golf Course
22011 88 Ave, Langley, BC V1M 3S8 

CRA Ontario
Annual Golf Tournament
Tuesday, September 19th 
Springfield Golf & Country Club, Guelph ON
2054 Gordon St, Guelph, ON N1L 1G6

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