Renting, So Smart, So Easy

Committees of the CRA

Membership Benefit Committee

Angie Venekamp - Committee Chairperson

Dean Nasto

Louise Serpa


Policy and Procedures Committee

Dave Mintenko – Committee Chairperson

Marc Mandin

Tim Ranson

Nathalie McGregor – CRA Managing Director


Social Media/Advertising Committee

Dean Nasato – Committee Chairperson

James Morden

Tim Ranson

Jeff Campbell

Chris Dabrowski – High Impact Public Relations


Trade Show Committee

Hank McInnis – Chairperson (Atlantic Trade Show Committee)

Angie Venekamp - BC Trade Show Committee

Brad Williams - Prairie Trade Show Committee

Paul Potvin - Ontario Trade Show Committee

Paul Ravary – Quebexpo Trade Show Committee

Gary Webb – Manufacturer/Supplier Representative


Website Committee

James Morden – Chairperson

Paul Ravary

Jill Holtsman

Bryan Parks


Insurance Committee

Jeff Campbell – Chairperson

Justin Friesen – Insurance Representative

Paul Ravary


Investment Policy Committee

Paul Kenyon – Chairperson

James Morden


Strategic Planning Committee

Jeff Campbell – Chairperson

Dean Nasato

Louise Serpa

Marc Mandin

Blair Holtsman