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Committees of the CRA

Membership Benefit Committee

Angie Venekamp 604-892-8200 Committee Chairperson

Justin Friesen 204-943-0331

Ed Dwyer 204-489-0003

Pascale Lambert 1-800-486-9899 CRA Membership Services Coordinator


Policy and Procedures Committee

Wayne Beckett 306-435-4143 Committee Chairperson

Tim Ranson 780-989-8651

Dave Mintenk0 204-488-4929

Mandy Wellnitz 1-800-486-9899 CRA Executive Director


Social Media/Advertising Committee

Jeff Campbell 519-631-5450 Committee Chairperson

James Morden 705-435-3844

Paul Everitt 519-537-6616

Mandy Wellnitz 1-800-486-9899 CRA Executive Director


Trade Show Committee

Angie Venekamp 604-892-8200 BC Trade Show Committee

Tim Ranson 780-989-8651

Blair Holtsman 306-653-3705 Prairie Trade Show Committee

Brad Williams 306 931-7880 Prairie Trade Show Committee

Dave Mintenko 204-488-4929

Mike Maltby 519-485-4231 Ontario Trade Show Committee

Paul Ravary 450-669-9000 Quebexpo Trade Show Committee

Dave Fraser 902-481-3455 Atlantic Trade Show Committee

Paul Everitt 519-537-6616 Supplier/Exhibitor Representative

Mandy Wellnitz 1-800-486-9899 CRA Trade Show Manager/Executive Director


Website Committee

Ed Dwyer 204-489-0003 Chairman

James Morden 705-435-3844

Paul Ravary 450-669-9000

Mandy Wellnitz 1-800-486-9899 CRA Executive Director