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CPM Employee Policy Manuals

Why is an employee policy manual important?

Employment laws and regulations are becoming increasingly complex and demanding, with emphasis on employee rights and little appreciation for the situation of employers.

If you have employees, you have employment policies. But if these policies are not recorded in writing, what should be clear understandings between you and your staff may be just vague assumptions. Your employees could have very different impressions than you do of where they stand, what they are entitled to and what their obligations are. A written employee policy manual provides everyone in the workplace with the same set of rules to follow. In fact, CPM manuals suggests that all employee policy handbooks include a removable page to be signed by the employees which thereby confirms that they have received and read the manual. This document can be kept in the employee’s file for the mutual benefit of the employer and employee.

What is an employee policy manual?

An employee policy manual is a printed and/or electronic document which needs to be provided to EVERY employee and it needs to achieve two purposes. It must serve as a declaration by the employer of the company’s expectations of its employees and of equal importance, it must affirm the employees rights and privileges in the workplace.

Why is the CPM system your best option?

The CPM Manuals system addresses over one hundred and thirty topics. Most manuals developed in-house typically cover forty to sixty topics, frequently leaving out major areas which may give cause for concern in the future. The CPM Manuals process was developed over a period of eight years. It quite simply covers everything.

The CPM system is designed to create a completely thorough, professional custom solution, equivalent or superior to that provided by an HR consultant at a fraction of typical consulting fees. Factor in the speed with which a CPM employee policy manual can be put together and there is no disputing the fact that CPM Manuals will provide you with the best possible option.

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